Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Family Vacation to Rhode Island

We had a wonderful time on our vacation last week. We rented a beach house and stayed with my family all week. Ella was really great and had a great time at the beach and the ocean (although she did not want to go near the water. The waves scared her). The ocean breeze was strong enough to hold a wand in the air and make bubbles. She had fun doing that with her Aunty Lisa.

The next 3 pictures Ella and I had gone to the beach one overcast afternoon together. I had a ball taking pictures of her by the ocean.

This was her first day at the beach. Keith took her and played all afternoon until I came and met them later. I had a little bit of fun at the casino...... :)

Ella and Eppe (Thats what she calls my Dad) had a good time as well. They played ball and made sand castles together.

Keith really took a dive to catch the ball Ella had thrown to him. Funny, I dont remember seeing him land. Especially with a smoke in his mouth. Way to go Daddy!

We had to teach Ella that throwing sand was not a good thing. Here, we got a great action shot of her throwing Sand at Amu (Thats what she calls my Mom)

Tubby time was fun in the sink. She loved to play with the water.

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