Friday, April 30, 2010

The Elusive Dandelion

Finally, those beautiful weeds have popped up at my house (to my husbands dismay). Christina has been posting dandelions for a few weeks now and I have just been dying for one to pop up around here. Keith came home to mow the lawn yesterday and I found only 2 in our yard. Lots of yellow dandelions but only two of these fluffy beauties. Ella had already picked on and blew it away, so I told her, "Guard this dandelion so I can shoot it. Dont let Daddy mow over it!" So I ran inside, got my camera and plopped my butt down to start shooting.

They really are interesting little things with such beautiful delicateness to them. Of course Ella kept asking me, "Can I blow on it yet? Can I blow on it yet?" What I loved about this one was that it wasnt full. It had a little hole in it already from the wind blowing on it. I loved that it wasnt perfect.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Week 14

This week, Christina and I are doing Simplicity. The crisp shot of the dandelion Christina captured is beautiful...and simple. As is the thought provoking quote she added to it. The little red balls (or some sort of eggs?) on the leaf that I shot really stuck out at me for some reason. They lay there as if strategically placed....but are just simply there.


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The Curves of Nature


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Monday, April 26, 2010

Have I Told You.....

....that my 4 year old daughter had her first kiss? I KNOW! I'm as shocked as you are! She plays with a 6 year old boy down the street a couple of times a week. Always at our house, I might mention, and always under our supervision. Well apparently, they were on the side of the house out of our view for 5 minutes, and he asked her for a kiss.

After Billy left that day, Ella whispers to me, "Billy and I kissed, but don't tell Daddy."(The name of the little boy has been changed to protect his identity). First of all, DON'T TELL DADDY? What does she think Daddy is going to do and where did she get the idea that Daddy shouldn't know?! I choked, but quickly tried to compose myself as to not look shocked and want to grab my child and ask her what she was thinking....or chase Billy down the street with a broom. Many things were running through my head like...

Isn't she too young for this?
Did I really hear what I thought I just heard?
Oh crap, how does my face look right now?
Breathe...Breathe again...Keep breathing.
Stay calm!

As she came in the house, I was able to not look at her face to face for a second and compose myself. As I was getting her something to drink I said, "So tell me what happened."

Ella: "He asked me if I wanted to kiss and so we did."

Me: "Where did he kiss you?"

Ella: She pointed to her lips.

Me: "Where did this happen?"

Ella: "On the side of the house while we were playing by the tree."

Me: "Well I have to let you know that you are too young to be letting boys kiss you and I don't want it to happen again. If Billy asks you again, you will need to tell him you are too young and should not be kissing, ok?

Ella: "Ok."


Talking to Ella was the easy part. Deciding how to tell Keith....A whole different story. I did tell him later that night and after seeing his reaction, I felt like I was the one who had kissed a boy! Awkward.....

Keith ended up talking to Ella and Billy about it together and then he spoke to Billy's Mom. She didn't seem that shocked as she told Keith that Billy just asked a 14 year old girl at a soccer game to come over after the game. She said, "What would we do at your house?" He said, "Watch movies and roll around on the floor."

Again, I KNOW! Ya see, Billy has an older brother and sister, both whom are teenagers. You wonder where he gets this stuff. I guess its all part of growing up, but my sweet and innocent little Ella.....probably not as innocent as I think because some of the things that come out of a 4 years old mouth shock me anyways....But she's not even 5 years old yet!!She IS innocent!!

We've all gotten past the incident and Ella has continued to play with Billy, at our house only, and no more kissing has ensued. I'm so not ready for my child to grow up anymore past this point. And now I am going to have another daughter to worry about? Eeek. God save me now!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Week 13

Since last week, I chose the theme of down low, Christina chose this weeks theme of looking up. For some reason, I had a hard time with this one. Nothing tickled my so many words. But after several days of good rain, we are now going into full bloom here in Minnesota. So the only thing to capture was the glorious sun shining down on the new flowers.

Christina chose trees this week too, yet the warm yellow glow of her shot while laying in a hammock gives the picture a completely serene feeling. I love how nothing is quite focused on except for the hammocks metal bar leading you UP into dreamland!

We both captured a little sunlight and a little bit of nature, but to me, there is quite a contrast between the two shots.

*I should note that my original picture orientation should be horizontal. I apparently had a hard time matching it with Christina's vertical shot. The original shot is pictured correctly on Christina's blog.


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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Week 12

This week Christina and I focused on a "down low" point of view.

Christina got a sweet down low view of what being a little girl is all about. Cute little sandals and scrapped up knees are perfect for the season. I feel like this one shot with those adorably banged up little legs could tell a thousand stories.

Even though I chose the theme this week, I found it a little hard to get low to the ground. It was a beautifully warm day when I took this shot of my parents dog, Buttons. If the neighbors were looking out their window, they would have gotten quite an eyeful.....Me in the grass, my over sized cleavage hanging out the front of my tank top and my butt high in the air so as to not lay on my belly. I got as low as I could go. At least Buttons smiled for me! :0)


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WW - Peace


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Sunday, April 11, 2010

BSM - The Delicate Details


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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Week 11

This week, Christina and I chose New Life. I have plenty of new life popping up outside my house this Spring, but then I remembered this key chain that I bought a few weeks ago. I love items that have sayings on them, and I always seem to find them on key chains! So I saw this one and it was still in its wrapper here until I took it out the other day to shoot it. I knew it would come in handy some day!

With the new life that will be coming into my world in 9 short weeks, celebration is what comes to mind when I think of our theme.

Christina's cactus is popping new life, but its her processing that I am in LOVE with this week. The grayish green antique color on the shot gives it a wonderful ruggedness. Along with the tact sharp focus, C portrays this simple yet detailed image perfectly.


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WW - Loving Spring


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Sunday, April 4, 2010

BSM - My Easter Girl


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